Self Care on a Budget

We all know that self care is nearly the most important care that we will every participate in. Next to the care of our children (and sometimes husbands).

Here are a few ideas for you to utilize when you are on a budget, but in need of some serious self care:

1. Bath time with Netflix or YouTube from your phone

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a TV in their bathroom. And lets face it, most of us don’t have a bathroom big enough to even put a TV in. But, you can always make a little set up with your phone on this. Sure, you’re going to fork out about $30 for this caddy, but its gotta be cheaper than finding a TV for your bathroom! So fill your bath with your perfect temperature water, set up your favorite show (or YouTube channel), a beverage of your choice, and LOCK THE DOOR…cause its going to be awhile.

2. A good movie, popcorn, and a glass of your favorite beverage

Pop in that favorite movie that you’ve seen 84 times, or maybe find a new favorite. Whatever you do, don’t let anyone sway your decision on this one. This is your time, and if someone wants to join, then they can simply sit back and enjoy whatever it is you are enjoying. Grab your popcorn (or whatever snack you please) and you favorite beverage (I prefer wine, but whatever suits your fancy). Bonus tip: blankets make you feel extra cozy and relaxed.

3. Early wake up with your coffee in peace

Sounds counter intuitive, I know, but it’s actually something that can be savored…even if only once or twice a week. We all like (and need) our sleep, but it’s also nice to be able to wake up to some peace and quiet. I don’t know about you, but I rarely wake up to peace or quiet! So, the ability to wake up a little earlier than normal, even if its only 30 minutes earlier, will give you time to have a few thoughts to yourself.

4. Calming games on your phone – I personally am in love with I Love Hue.

Crawl in bed, or on the couch, and cuddle up with a game that you enjoy from your phone. There’s plenty of free games out there in the App Store or Google Play. I have two favorites in particular: I Love Hue and Zen Koi 2. There aren’t many games that I can actually get into, and continue to love for this long. These two games are calming and addictive, but not so addictive that you can’t pull yourself away from it.

5. Learn something new

Sounds more stressful than it has to be. Learning something new can be challenging, but also so rewarding. This creates hormones in our body that tell us we enjoy something and make us feel good when we have accomplished something, like learning something new! It can be anything to knitting, painting, or fixing a car. Whatever you want!

6. De-clutter

Once again, sounds more stressful than it has to be. When we de-clutter our physical space, it helps to de-clutter our mental and emotional space. This can change how we feel, especially in relation to stress. If we don’t have a lot of physical stress around us, then we are bound to be able to handle our emotional stress much easier!

Hope these simple, yet effective ways to participate in self care can help your brain and your budget!

What are some self care practices you participate in?


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Motivational Monday – Impossible?


Such a strange word, don’t you think?

One can interperate this word in a few different ways.

First, a person can say that impossible means that it is not possible.

This is the pessimistic way of looking at life.

Or, a person can say that impossible literally says it is possible.

This would be the optimistic way of looking at life.

Either way you choose to look at it, the quote of this week’s Motivational Monday is extremely accurate.

We have all been in a place where something seems so impossible that we lose all hope and motivation to get it done.

Yet, we find it within ourselves to continue.

And when we continue, we generally reach that finish line that we intended on the whole time.

Thus, making the seemingly impossible, possible.

So, why can’t we do this with everything?

Sometimes our logic can get in the way of our magic.

I don’t mean Harry Potter magic, I mean the pure magic that is within human beings.

The resiliency.

The power that we all possess!

This power can come from many different places.

And by power, I mean motivation. We can harness our motivation from our children, our families, or even our own goals/wants/needs.

Motivation and hope is what fosters our will to go on, and we can make this happen all the time. We just have to find where our motivation comes from and continue to pull from that.

Everyday we can create this magic and make sure that our impossible’s become our possible’s.

What have you done that you thought was impossible?

How did you accomplish that?

Holy Grail Beauty Products

Products I literally cant live without!

1. Silken Oil! Can I get a hallelujah from my girls with the frizzies like me!? This stuff is g-o-l-d, I tell you. When I get out of the shower I do a squirt in my hand (I have medium length, fine hair), rub my hands together to “warm the product” then flip my head upside down and massage in from tip to root. *Pro tip: always start from tip, then work your way to root. This stuff can make you look real greasy, real fast. But once you find your magic amount, you’ll never use anything else again. I promise.

2. I found this about 6 months ago and have fallen deeply in love. I generally love this brand, but had never tried their acne products before. As a disclaimer, I must say that I don’t really have “acne” in the most general and common term. I occasionally break out (like everyone), but mainly just had these stupid, small, unnoticable pimples on my forehead. You couldn’t see them unless you were looking at me from a certain angle, but you could DEFINITELY feel them. Anyway, within two weeks of using this stuff, they went away! I still get random pimples here and there, but that’s normal.

3. I feel like this mascara is probably on most people “beauty list”. Not much to be said about this one, but OMG. It makes my lashes fluffy and long. What more does any woman really need? I also love their new paradise one as well!

4. This is another one of those products that I recently found, but will never (ever) give up. I am not sure how this thing works (and if you are, please comment below cause I’m curious) but this seemingly simple microfiber wash cloth takes ALL the makeup off. To be fair, I really don’t wear much make up (mostly mascara and eyebrows). But, it does the job better than makeup wipes, believe it or not!

5. I can’t recall where I read (or heard) this, but it was said that gently exfoliating your face with a wash cloth was great for you skin. I use this before washing my face. I just gently scrub. My skin ends up being as smooth an my baby boy’s bottom! In my experience, getting that dead skin off also helps my face wash penetrate the skin more.

What’s your favorite product(s)?



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Motivational Monday

Have you ever compared yourself to someone?

Maybe your friend?



Or even that lady at the grocery store?

I’m sure you have; we’ve all been there.

I think that comparison is a natural, normal thing for us all to experience.

This probably stems to our natural want to improve our lives. And by looking at others’ lives, and what they are doing, we can obtain ideas to implement into our own lives to hopefully create a better life for ourselves.

But, at what point does comparison become detrimental to our health – both physically and emotionally?

I would say there are a few ways to measure this.

First, how often are you comparing? If its pretty much every second of every day, then that is definitely taking away from you being able to better yourself. This is because all your time is spent focusing on others.

Second, are you happy to see your “competition” fail? This is a big one. Sometimes when we compare, it makes us feel better about ourselves when we see someone whom we have compared ourselves to fail.

Why does this make us feel good?

Probably because we are recognizing that they aren’t as perfect as we had previously believed.

And, when our self-esteem is so low (side effect of comparison) we use anything to make ourselves feel better; including gawking and rejoicing in someone else’s failures.

Now, just for a second, lets turn the table.

Suppose someone is comparing themselves to you.

And you have failed in some way; but they then rejoice.

Doesn’t feel so good, does it?

Instead of comparing our lives/bodies/families/careers/etc. to others, and rejoicing when they stumble; why not celebrate their victories with them!?

Do not be jealous of their victories!

You have just as many.

And, you might find that your victories are more than you could have ever imagined.

But this only happens when we celebrate each other.

Instead of knocking those around us down, be happy when the person you once compared yourself to has succeeded in whatever their goal was.

And instead of rejoicing in their failures, why not help them through their failures?

You might learn something about yourself, and them as well.

What is a success you’ve had this past weekend?

5 Things I’m Thankful For

Sometimes its extremely difficult to practice gratitude. But, with practice, it is something that we all can get into the habit of.

We shouldn’t just practice gratitude on Thanksgiving (like most of us probably do), we should teach ourselves to practice gratitude everyday!

1. My family

I almost want to say duh with this one. I absolutely love my family and am very grateful to have them in my life. When I am with my family, I find that I experience such a wonderful feeling that is nearly indescribable. I have so many people in my family and they are all always so supportive! I know there are many people out there who don’t have that. Or maybe they do have that, but not nearly as much as I do. I am a lucky girl to have the family I do. I hope everyone feels this way about their family as well.

2. My home

As you may know, we just moved into a new home. And when I say new, I mean brand new. This is the first new home that any of us have ever lived in, which makes it special for us all. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be able to create a simple house, into my home.

3. Where I live

I live wayyyy up in the mountains. My town is about 500 people, and the surrounding towns are not much bigger. Most of the time, I have a love/hate relationship with this area. But, when something goes awry, it is absolutely amazing how much our community bands together. I can’t thank my community enough for always being there when anyone is in need. That is something that you don’t find often, and I’m so incredibly thankful to have these wonderful people in my life. Aside from the community, we have fresh air, clean water (one of the cleanest in California), and wonderful views.

4. My time with my mother

Some days, I feel cheated from time with my mother. But, my husband’s good at bringing me back to reality in saying that I was lucky enough to have her for as long as I did. Sometimes changing a simple way you look at things is enough to change everything. I still have moments when I find that I feel cheated, but I have to remind myself that some people don’t get 27 glorious years with their mother (or father). So, I was blessed enough to have that much.

5. My health

I know this is cliché. But, when I saw everything my mother went through, it makes me realize that I am so thankful for being healthy. My body created, carried, and nurtured my son. My body helps me get up everyday and move with little to no restriction. And my body allows me to be free. Some can’t say that. So I’m thankful I can.


Would you all like to see a thankful post often, and not just on Thanksgiving?

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat until your heart’s content!

Motivational Monday – Law of Attraction?

This quote rung a bell for me this week.

I’ve been doing research on the law of attraction lately.

The law of attraction basically states that you life consists of what you attract. You attract by what you think about. More info about it here.

With this in mind, I’ve been “experimenting”.

I’ve been creating affirmations for myself, and remaining positive and assured about these affirmations.

So far, I have noticed that I tend to manifest things in a very positive manner.

I have completely changed my way of thinking, and it has worked out very well for me thus far!

I am naturally very pessimistic. But, I am slowly transforming into an optimist.

I have most definitely noticed that good things have come my way since learning more about the law of attraction.

By putting out good and positive energy, I am receiving it back.

Whereas before, I would always notice that bad things would happen to me, or I felt like I just had really awful luck.

But, that’s not the case anymore.

I’m finding that not only good things are happening, but more good things than I could have ever expected!

I encourage everyone to take a gander into the law of attraction and see what unfolds.

It seemed to work for Henry Ford!

He knew he could do it, and boy did he!

You never really know what your capable of until you just go for it.

What have you got to lose?

2018 Gift Guide for Busy Toddler Boys

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Christmas, I like to give it a lot of thought.

This is especially true when it comes to my son!

He is a wild little man. So, this makes it difficult for me to find toys that peak his interest.

He moves from one toy to another at the speed of light.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that though.

It just hurts when you buy your child something you think they will REALLY enjoy, but they end up ignoring it for the box (I know we’ve all been there).

Here are 5 ideas I’ve had to get him this year:

1. Trampoline – As I said, my guy is wild. So, I figured a good way to help him get some of that energy out (without ruining my house) would be a little trampoline. Heck, I may even take a few jumps on it!

2. Children’s Tool Set – A month or two ago we were browsing Wal-Mart and happened to run by a children’s tool set. It was fairly inexpensive (like $9) so we picked it up. Well, I’ll tell you what, its been the only toy(s) my son has consistently played with! He tends to get bored with everything else, but not his tools. He seeing Daddy using them, so I’m thinking that’s a motivating factor. Not only that, but its darn adorable to watch him “build” or “fix” something.

3. Construction Toys – Since we have had our house built, my son has been obsessed with construction and anything related. He knows all the construction vehicles by name, and even acts out their function (if he owns the toy).

Although these are most definitely not inexpensive, they are something that I can tell people he may like. I’m also thinking about getting him this book to open a few days before Christmas for bedtime reading.

4. AquaDoodle – Since we moved into a brand new home, I don’t want to do anything that can damage it. Generally, we would bring paint and drawing activities outside. But, you can’t do that in the dead of winter. So, I found this little gadget. Seems pretty cool, and now we have more than enough room to play with it!

5. Pajamas – Doesn’t sound fun, but it’s definitely more practical than any of the things above. It’s also a tradition that my mom created. I would like to keep it going. Here are my FAVORITE pajamas for kids. They don’t shrink or fall apart like some others. I love them and they are a GREAT price.

This is my plan for Christmas gifting for my son.

Hope this is helpful for someone who was having difficulty brainstorming.

What kind of things do you plan on buying?

Motivational Monday

Doesn’t it feel good to know that someone has your back?

I feel that getting to this point in my life has been a crazy journey.

And I STILL struggle with it.

By it, I mean my relationship with God.

I have always felt close to God, but was (and still am) such a control freak.

This may not really seem like a big deal for most, but for me it’s always been a struggle.

I like to control things.

I like to know when things are going to happen.

So I can simply prepare for them.

I’m definite that I am not the only one who does this.

So, when I am feeling this way, I find that looking at this quote gives me hope.

Which, in turn, provides with me the motivation that I need to continue going down the path that I am set upon.

Because, I know that if I was not supposed to be on this path, then God would have not directed me towards it in the first place.

We must always know that God has our back.

He never wants to hurt us.

But sometimes, we hurt ourselves by trying to control situations in which God wants to control.

So, let him control.

It may be uncomfortable for a little while, but it is something that you learn to “sit” in.

This brings me motivation.

What brings you motivation?

5 Things I do to Stay Organized

1. Make My Bed

I know, I know, you’ve heard it a million times! Especially from your mother! But I’ve got to tell you, this is one of the biggest secrets that I never wanted to believe. For some reason, when I make my bed, I feel as if I have “closed the gateway” to that night. And it makes me feel good about starting anew! And, duh, it totally makes my room look pretty and more tidy too! Even if I don’t make it directly in the morning (because on days I work, I leave before my husband and son wake up), I will make it when I come home. Although, sometimes my husband does it for me.

2. Tidy up or Clean

I don’t know if this is just me or what, but when I clean (or at least have things tidy) it causes my brain to declutter. When I physically see too much all around me, I literally feel like I can’t think straight. For example, kitchen counters! This is one of my pet peeves! Sure, kitchen counters get cluttered and messy. But, I need them to be decluttered and clean if I’m going to be in there. Dishes also must be OUT of the sink as well. I get it, I have some OCD tendencies.

3. Time for Myself

Sounds silly, but its a Godsend! On nights that I don’t have to work the next day (did that make sense?) I like to stay up late. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me its crucial. I enjoy my time alone. I will sit and catch up on some of my favorite TV shows or binge some Netflix. Snacks are also HIGHLY recommended for this alone time…or even wine. And, if you don’t like staying up late, getting up an hour or two earlier than everyone else is another way to have that alone time. I do this on days I work, I get my coffee and breakfast alone with MY shows, not my sons.

4. Plan

I’m a planner. I plan things. I can’t help it. It is a habit of mine. I live by my planner, especially at work! I prefer to have a general idea of what and when things are going to happen. I am completely aware that some things happen with no knowledge of how, when, where, or why they happened. That’s okay. But, if I can plan it, I will. It keeps me sane.

5. Communicate

This is probably the single most important thing I do to keep myself organized. When you’re a mommy and a wife, there are other bodies involved in your life! This means that keeping in constant communication with those other bodies is vital. Simply telling your spouse you need to be at the hair salon after work, or that a bill needs to be paid is a massive help to both of you! Also, coordinating your schedules is important. What if your child needed to be picked up from school, and you thought your spouse would do it, but your spouse thought that you would do it? Guess your kid’s calling grandma! No one needs a he said, she said fight. Just be courteous and tell each other whats going on in your lives! Not only will communication help you stay organized, but it will help you to become more engaged in your spouse’s life as well! Which creates better intimacy and bond within your relationship.


I’d love to hear what helps you stay organized!

Halloween 2018

It’s a good Halloween!

It was different, and definitely not what I pictured this year’s Halloween would be like. Ever since Harrison was born, Mom had looked forward to doing all the “fun stuff” with him.

Things like Trick or Treating, and creating his Easter basket; stuff like that. The things that we all have memories of doing as a child.

I knew she wanted to be there. And, I suppose she was.

Just in spirit.

Which is definitely not the same. And it sucks.

But, aside from that aspect of what I pictured for Halloween, it was good!

I had to work that day, but was able to get off early so I could take Harrison out with my husband.

In our town, we do this thing called Merchants night. However, now that I think about it, I don’t know why its called “night”. Because it’s from 3 PM to 5 PM.

Anyway, you basically take your kiddo(s) up and down main street and they Trick or Treat the businesses.

Its fun. But, what I like best about it is that it is S A F E!

Since this month has been so crazy for my family, we were definitely slacking in the planning department.

We didn’t plan a costume until a few days before Halloween. I remember that someone had given me a Winnie the Pooh costume. Luckily, it fit Harrison perfectly.

Unluckily though, he would wear it. When we tried to put it on him he kept screaming that it was “too tight”. Trust me, it wasn’t.

So, improvisation to the rescue!

A few months back, before Mom had passed, she bought him a jacket that looked exactly like a aviators coat.

So, what’d we do?

That’s right! We put him in that coat and smeared ash from our fireplace on his face. Threw on some aviator sunglasses and called him a pilot.

However, whenever the adults would ask who he was, they would also guess Tom Cruise from Top Gun.

Neither myself or my husband had ever seen the movie, so we just said “sure” blindly.

It didn’t matter to us who he was, or even who people thought he was! What mattered was that he had a blast.

Eventually, he learned to say “trick or treat”. And when he replied with “thank you”, he would throw in a “you’re welcome” as well.

And come on, how cute is that?!

He got loads of candy and had loads of fun. What more could you want for Halloween?

What did you do for Halloween?



PS: Sorry for the yucky photo quality. I don’t know what happened there!

If you want to see more pictures in better quality, head over to my instagram! Hope to see you there!