5 Things I’m Thankful For

Sometimes its extremely difficult to practice gratitude. But, with practice, it is something that we all can get into the habit of.

We shouldn’t just practice gratitude on Thanksgiving (like most of us probably do), we should teach ourselves to practice gratitude everyday!

1. My family

I almost want to say duh with this one. I absolutely love my family and am very grateful to have them in my life. When I am with my family, I find that I experience such a wonderful feeling that is nearly indescribable. I have so many people in my family and they are all always so supportive! I know there are many people out there who don’t have that. Or maybe they do have that, but not nearly as much as I do. I am a lucky girl to have the family I do. I hope everyone feels this way about their family as well.

2. My home

As you may know, we just moved into a new home. And when I say new, I mean brand new. This is the first new home that any of us have ever lived in, which makes it special for us all. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity to be able to create a simple house, into my home.

3. Where I live

I live wayyyy up in the mountains. My town is about 500 people, and the surrounding towns are not much bigger. Most of the time, I have a love/hate relationship with this area. But, when something goes awry, it is absolutely amazing how much our community bands together. I can’t thank my community enough for always being there when anyone is in need. That is something that you don’t find often, and I’m so incredibly thankful to have these wonderful people in my life. Aside from the community, we have fresh air, clean water (one of the cleanest in California), and wonderful views.

4. My time with my mother

Some days, I feel cheated from time with my mother. But, my husband’s good at bringing me back to reality in saying that I was lucky enough to have her for as long as I did. Sometimes changing a simple way you look at things is enough to change everything. I still have moments when I find that I feel cheated, but I have to remind myself that some people don’t get 27 glorious years with their mother (or father). So, I was blessed enough to have that much.

5. My health

I know this is cliché. But, when I saw everything my mother went through, it makes me realize that I am so thankful for being healthy. My body created, carried, and nurtured my son. My body helps me get up everyday and move with little to no restriction. And my body allows me to be free. Some can’t say that. So I’m thankful I can.


Would you all like to see a thankful post often, and not just on Thanksgiving?

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat until your heart’s content!

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