Motivational Monday – Comparison


Have you ever compared yourself to someone?

Maybe your friend?



Or even that lady at the grocery store?

I’m sure you have; we’ve all been there.

I think that comparison is a natural, normal thing for us all to experience.

This probably stems to our natural want to improve our lives. And by looking at others’ lives, and what they are doing, we can obtain ideas to implement into our own lives to hopefully create a better life for ourselves.

But, at what point does comparison become detrimental to our health – both physically and emotionally?

I would say there are a few ways to measure this.

First, how often are you comparing? If its pretty much every second of every day, then that is definitely taking away from you being able to better yourself. This is because all your time is spent focusing on others.

Second, are you happy to see your “competition” fail? This is a big one. Sometimes when we compare, it makes us feel better about ourselves when we see someone whom we have compared ourselves to fail.

Why does this make us feel good?

Probably because we are recognizing that they aren’t as perfect as we had previously believed.

And, when our self-esteem is so low (side effect of comparison) we use anything to make ourselves feel better; including gawking and rejoicing in someone else’s failures.

Now, just for a second, lets turn the table.

Suppose someone is comparing themselves to you.

And you have failed in some way; but they then rejoice.

Doesn’t feel so good, does it?

Instead of comparing our lives/bodies/families/careers/etc. to others, and rejoicing when they stumble; why not celebrate their victories with them!?

Do not be jealous of their victories!

You have just as many.

And, you might find that your victories are more than you could have ever imagined.

But this only happens when we celebrate each other.

Instead of knocking those around us down, be happy when the person you once compared yourself to has succeeded in whatever their goal was.

And instead of rejoicing in their failures, why not help them through their failures?

You might learn something about yourself, and them as well.

What is a success you’ve had this past weekend?

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