Motivational Monday – Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction

This quote rung a bell for me this week.

I’ve been doing research on the law of attraction lately.

The law of attraction basically states that you life consists of what you attract. You attract by what you think about. More info about it here.

With this in mind, I’ve been “experimenting”.

I’ve been creating affirmations for myself, and remaining positive and assured about these affirmations.

So far, I have noticed that I tend to manifest things in a very positive manner.

I have completely changed my way of thinking, and it has worked out very well for me thus far!

I am naturally very pessimistic. But, I am slowly transforming into an optimist.

I have most definitely noticed that good things have come my way since learning more about the law of attraction.

By putting out good and positive energy, I am receiving it back.

Whereas before, I would always notice that bad things would happen to me, or I felt like I just had really awful luck.

But, that’s not the case anymore.

I’m finding that not only good things are happening, but more good things than I could have ever expected!

I encourage everyone to take a gander into the law of attraction and see what unfolds.

It seemed to work for Henry Ford!

He knew he could do it, and boy did he!

You never really know what your capable of until you just go for it.

What have you got to lose?

4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – Law of Attraction?

  1. Great post Erica!
    I’ve been finding that being positive can really shape my way of thinking and how I look at my life. I’m definitely a lot happier when I’m on the lookout for positivity!
    Another great quote you might love is “Fake it until you make it”. That’s another mantra I have and it goes well with the positivity. Because eventually, it works!
    Keep up the great posts!

  2. I’m definitely more of a pessimist! This makes me want to try to be more optimistic, and put positive vibes out into the world. Hopefully they’ll come back to me.

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