Motivational Monday – Letting the Past Control Us

your in control

How often do you think about yesterday?

How often do you think about 1 month ago?

1 year ago? 10 years ago?

I’m going to take a bet and say that most people like to believe that they are rarely concerned with their past. 

Yet, how often does our past stop us from doing something?

Quite often. And sometimes, for absolute good reason!

When we make a mistake, we learn, and don’t do it again.

However, when our past stops us from fulfilling something that we want to do, that’s when it creates a problem. 

A perfect example of this is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Generally, PTSD holds us back from certain situation that may trigger an unwanted response. 

By this happening, we begin to shelter ourselves from situations. 

Often, this is an acceptable thing to do to keep us from feeling a way we don’t want to feel. 

However, when we let it hold us back from doing things we want to do; we are not being the best we can be.

In mental health/wellness treatment, we would consider this to be depression (living in the past) or PTSD.

So, how do we stop living in the past?

The first question to ask yourself is: is it helping?

Generally, the answer to this is “no”. 

That’s because living in the past does not move us forward. 

We need to look at our lives in play, not rewind!

So, when you find yourself gazing into your past, think of a phrase that will snap you out of it. 

It could be something like: “present, not past”, or “focus on the present”.

You choose. 

It make seem impossible because we are so used to looking at life this way, but changing the way we look at life can change our lives dramatically.

What is your word/phrase going to be? I’d like to hear from you!

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