Self Care on a Budget

self care

We all know that self care is nearly the most important care that we will every participate in. Next to the care of our children (and sometimes husbands).

Here are a few ideas for you to utilize when you are on a budget, but in need of some serious self care:

1. Bath time with Netflix or YouTube from your phone

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a TV in their bathroom. And lets face it, most of us don’t have a bathroom big enough to even put a TV in. But, you can always make a little set up with your phone on this. Sure, you’re going to fork out about $30 for this caddy, but its gotta be cheaper than finding a TV for your bathroom! So fill your bath with your perfect temperature water, set up your favorite show (or YouTube channel), a beverage of your choice, and LOCK THE DOOR…cause its going to be awhile.

2. A good movie, popcorn, and a glass of your favorite beverage

Pop in that favorite movie that you’ve seen 84 times, or maybe find a new favorite. Whatever you do, don’t let anyone sway your decision on this one. This is your time, and if someone wants to join, then they can simply sit back and enjoy whatever it is you are enjoying. Grab your popcorn (or whatever snack you please) and you favorite beverage (I prefer wine, but whatever suits your fancy). Bonus tip: blankets make you feel extra cozy and relaxed.

3. Early wake up with your coffee in peace

Sounds counter intuitive, I know, but it’s actually something that can be savored…even if only once or twice a week. We all like (and need) our sleep, but it’s also nice to be able to wake up to some peace and quiet. I don’t know about you, but I rarely wake up to peace or quiet! So, the ability to wake up a little earlier than normal, even if its only 30 minutes earlier, will give you time to have a few thoughts to yourself.

4. Calming games on your phone – I personally am in love with I Love Hue.

Crawl in bed, or on the couch, and cuddle up with a game that you enjoy from your phone. There’s plenty of free games out there in the App Store or Google Play. I have two favorites in particular: I Love Hue and Zen Koi 2. There aren’t many games that I can actually get into, and continue to love for this long. These two games are calming and addictive, but not so addictive that you can’t pull yourself away from it.

5. Learn something new

Sounds more stressful than it has to be. Learning something new can be challenging, but also so rewarding. This creates hormones in our body that tell us we enjoy something and make us feel good when we have accomplished something, like learning something new! It can be anything to knitting, painting, or fixing a car. Whatever you want!

6. De-clutter

Once again, sounds more stressful than it has to be. When we de-clutter our physical space, it helps to de-clutter our mental and emotional space. This can change how we feel, especially in relation to stress. If we don’t have a lot of physical stress around us, then we are bound to be able to handle our emotional stress much easier!

Hope these simple, yet effective ways to participate in self care can help your brain and your budget!

What are some self care practices you participate in?


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7 thoughts on “Self Care on a Budget

  1. Decluttering and buying a new candle from Marshalls/TJ Maxx is my favorite self-care on a budget. Then I love to take a candlelit shower with my new candle. Super relaxing!

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